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Call The Rose Centre on 09-445 9900 now to book tickets for STiFF, a naughty comedy by NZ playwright April Phillips, famous for 'doing it' on TV with McPhail & Gadsby!

When soul sister Angel Delight unexpectedly inherits a funeral parlour, she must continue to operate the business to keep it from the clutches of former employee Mr R Swipe. However, she and the girls only know one business and it's not long before a tangled web of deceit and confusion leads us panting (with laughter!) to the climax of the play.

Wicked black humour and juicy innuendo make this clever play unsuitable for younger children, but the rest of you will definitely want a piece of the action!

Mistress Roxanne Paine promises a strictly limited season 16 - 19 April 2008 at The Rose Centre, Belmont. Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 concessions (including those of you that like to do it in groups!). Call Madam Richard on 445 9900 - or email -for your tickets now!

Phoenix Theatre Inc., PO Box 89 053, Torbay, Auckland



Roxanne Paine - Natasha Coleman has performed in many shows, the last three with Phoenix Theatre. She is finding being a dominatrix and whipping the cast into shape very therapeutic, which helps after a hard day of nursing.

Delilah - Despite an extremely varied theatrical background, Gavin Lewis has never before performed the role of an obsessive, compulsive cleaning transvestite. He thus brings many years experience of observing women to an interesting new purpose.

Stiff Cast

Sherry - Andrea Bates is in her 4th production with Phoenix Theatre and relishing working on the surprisingly challenging role of the token dumb blonde. By day Andrea is a student at South Seas Film and Television School, by night a saucy minx with too much air between the ears!

Angel Delight - Sally Knight's first role with Phoenix Theatre was a money-grabbing bitch in "Unoriginal Sin". Despite her chosen profession, Angel is probably a more likable character, and Sally is enjoying the larger-than-life fun of this farce in fishnets!

Mrs Beaton - this is Carolyn Harkness' first production with Phoenix Theatre, although she regularly appears on stage with other members of STiFF's cast and crew in the Shore-based Showstoppers musical revues. For this role Carolyn does not wield the whip for a change, although she does have a few surprises in her four slice toaster...

Robert Swipe - Garry Jenkin has performed in a variety of roles with different groups over the last 25 years. He enjoys once again being controlled by the girls in the cast!

Judge Beaton - Adam Topliss has been performing in theatre on the North Shore since his first production with Torbay Drama at age 4. This is the first time he has had a role with no moves or lines...

The Lawyer - Christina Wood also started young in North Shore theatre, as a 'little mouse with clogs on' at the tender age of 5. She played a hooker last year in Phoenix Theatre's popular Music Hall "In the Best Possible Taste", but has a much more respectable brief for STiFF.

Director - Annette Happy has directed many plays for Phoenix and other clubs on the North Shore, most recently concentrating on the comedies of David Tristram and Alan Ayckbourn. She has much enjoyed the peculiar nature of the research required for this production and is daily adding to her collection of 'special props'.

Stiff Cast

About Phoenix Theatre

The talented thespians and craftsmen of Phoenix Theatre have been entertaining audiences on the North Shore for over 10 years. We specialise in performing comedy, drama, pantomime and music hall.

Phoenix is a community group that takes pride in uniting families and friends in the teamwork of producing quality theatrical productions on the North Shore.

We share our own clubrooms in Castor Bay with Shoreside Theatre - Following the success of our Music Hall, In The Best Possible Taste performed at The PumpHouse in October 2007 we have three shows scheduled for production at The Rose Centre in Belmont throughout 2008.

Whether you would like to be actively involved with productions or just to find out when Phoenix shows are being performed, we invite you to become members:-
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Stiff Cast    Stiff Cast

STiFF Reviews

Theatre Whakatane Little Theatre

Characters Lift Play Above the Rest

This is one of the best repertory plays I have seen in Whakatane. It begins with a bang and ends with an explosion, and makes for a great adult show from a talented and enthusiastic cast.

Director Scott Jarrett has created a highly enjoyable play that is certain to fulfill audience expectations and provide a good laugh

While the story is clever and laden with great quips and innuendo, it is the characters that lift this play above the rest. This is a great show that features a great range of characters, well-positioned and appropriate props and an efficient, yet simple set. Lighting is used effectively and the end of each scene is punctuated with a black out and snippet of soul music. Despite its title and subsequent innuendo, this film (sic) does not rely on sex and derogatory language to sustain the laughs and audiences can be assured that it is not offensive. It is however, an adult comedy and isn’t suitable for younger children. Mature teenagers though, will probably love it.

Hamilton Playbox Theatre

"It is not often that Hamilton audiences have the opportunity of seeing live a quality farce by a New Zealand playwright – excepting the formulaic pieces churned out by Mr Hall. It is also true to say that the majority of the capacity audience on opening night was probably more attracted by the title and subject matter than anything else. If this was the case then they certainly weren’t disappointed. The plot combines two of the oldest professions – undertaking and prostitution – thereby providing ample opportunity for delicious black humour and juicy double entendre – my particular favourite, amongst many, being "it’s not time to wax up the Volvo yet!".

Director Lauren Scott assembled a fine cast of seasoned players, each of whom gave creditable performances. …The exceptional performance was that of Rob Connolly as the compulsively cleaning transvestite, Delilah. It would have been all too easy to ham this part to the nth degree – instead we revelled in a finely honed performance that made Delilah at once an immensely sympathetic, likeable and engaging character..."

Production by Playbox Theatre

"...The four characters make up a very funny comic mix, who are constantly tested by Angel's father's disgruntled former employee Robert Swipe who threatens to discover their undercover business. ...STiFF's audience enjoyed a quirky, offbeat play written by April Phillips, one of the core cast of TV's McPhail and Gadsby for two seasons. The seven-person cast did a great job of keeping up a high level of energy throughout the non-stop play, with each actor delivering a strong and entertaining performance... " website

STiFF - the play. Advertised as an adult comedy. This was an absolute sell out in Whakatane. The audiences were laughing all the way through the production and it was an absolute delight to see so many satisfied customers yet alone a satisfied Theatre treasurer with the funds it bought in for us!!!

Tauranga Newspaper

STiFF is a frolicking good farce written by New Zealand playwright April Phillips about a prostitute who inherits a funeral parlour from a deceased father she never knew.

Not knowing the first thing about undertaking, Angel Delight and her colleagues decide to run a brothel from the funeral parlour. Undertaking and prostitution are not a likely combination but one that allows for some wickedly good black humour and delicious double entendre. And that’s exactly what this cleverly written play delivers in bucket loads.

Director Merv Beets has done a superb job assembling a strong and capable cast that carries this fast paced comedy with ease. Anna Robinson is fabulous as Angel Delight, the soul singing madame who, although obviously white, is convinced she’s black Trish Thurston delivers some great lines as the dizzy blonde hooker Sherry, mastering this role superbly. Michelle de Jong is fabulously convincing as Roxanne the leather-clad dominatrix and she looks fantastic on stage.

However, the standout performance is that of Chris Page as the sequins and high heel wearing transvestite Delilah. This character could easily be overdone but Chris plays it beautifully delivering an abundance of delightful quips that have the audience in stitches.

StiFF is a raunchy, adult comedy that will have you crying with laughter.

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