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FROM THE EDITOR 21 March 2015

Wanted - Kiwi


Franchising’s biggest challenge right now is a lack of suitable people prepared to start their own business. There’s no shortage of opportunities – many franchisors say they have more work than they can handle, or are turning down great new sites because they haven’t got franchisees for them. Finance isn’t a problem, either, with banks eager to fund good people into the right franchises.

What all this means is that anyone with the guts and the ability to start up a new business with all the expertise of a good franchise behind them has several different types of opportunity available.

You might want to own and operate your own business, as thousands of franchisees do. You might prefer to make money by setting up a good business and selling it on once it’s established – there’s a ready market among new immigrants for businesses with established cashflow. Or if you’ve got the management ability, you might build your own empire with multiple outlets.

So dig out that Kiwi ‘can-do’ attitude and start looking at your options - a good place to begin is here.

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